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The Moye Group, LLC

  Phoenix, AZ 85035-5129


Basketball, Basketball Training Products and Training Aids in Phoenix, AZ


A Success Story:


Shawn Moye was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at the early age of 16 when he came up with his first invention. Unfortunately he soon realized that there were limited resources at his disposal to bring his vision to life. He spent a lot of time searching for companies that help entrepreneurs patent and manufacture their products but he found that they had a poor reputation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


In 2010 Shawn opened The Moye Group, LLC to be that resource to others by providing information and solutions to help inventors patent and manufacture their ideas and products. Based out of Peoria, Arizona, The Moye Group currently employs five people full-time.


The Moye Group also distributes one of Shawn’s inventions, The Electronic Basketball Shooting Coach (EBSC), a cutting-edge interactive training resource specially designed to improve coordination, movement, and shooting ability. He originally came up with the idea while coaching kids and youth groups in his community. The product helps kids develop the muscle memory needed to maintain proper form when shooting a basketball.



About Moye Group LLC:


The Electronic Basketball Shooting Coach, is a basketball training aid that teaches people of all ages how to shoot with proper form. The unit fits on the left or right forearm and - through response conditioning- retrains the mind. To learn more, click here.



In Their Own Words:


"At The Moye Group, LLC, we realize that not everybody can afford to send their children to expensive camps or hire expensive trainers. We create products to offer a convenient and affordable alternative to professional face to face instruction. With our devices in place you can improve your skills without spending a lot of money."




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