Senate Passes Continuing Resolution (CR) to Fund Government through end of Fiscal Year

The Senate has just passed a Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the government through the end of fiscal year 2013, September 30, 2013. The CR will now go back to the House for a final vote, likely tomorrow morning, before it can be signed by the President. Final passage lays out funding on Fiscal Year 2013 and ensures that the government remains funded beyond March 27, 2013, when current funding runs out.

The original House bill combined a CR with two spending bills which define spending by program — DOD and Veterans Affairs — giving those agencies some flexibility on spending rather than across-the-board cuts. The Senate version added three more spending bills — Agriculture, Commerce-Justice-Science and Homeland Security — giving those agencies new spending authority and flexibility with respect to across-the-board cuts. All other government agencies must continue to implement spending cuts in an across the board fashion. 

The full text of the bill can be found here: