About AEO’s Capital Access Solutions

TILT Forward Network: The largest, most diverse (and newest) network of CDFI small business loan funds and other nonprofits that work with underserved entrepreneurs in the United States. The network is designed to accelerate identification and adoption of critical innovations in the way that small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs in low-wealth communities access capital and guidance on the path to capital. The network formally launched in May 2016 with 13 inaugural CDFI loan funds. The network continues to grow, including CDFI banks and service providers. Interested in learning more about how your organization can benefit from joining? Click here to learn more. 

DreamFund: DreamFund creates scale benefits to support lending to small businesses in low-wealth communities. These benefits accrue to small businesses, CDFIs and investors alike. It does this by performing two functions: 1) licensing products from third parties and making them available at below-market rates to qualified applicants; 2) aggregating capital from funders seeking to target their investments and limit their risk (and diligence) to the prospective performance of the loans. DreamFund’s unique structure mimics the safety and security of a for-profit Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) within a 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organization. Interested in learning more? Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Project CUE: AEO won the Treasury Department’s CDFI Fund Innovation Challenge with a proposal to design, build and test a solution to connect small businesses that financial institutions can’t effectively serve to community lenders. The Project CUE solution enables financial institutions to direct small business credit applicants they can’t serve to the high touch guidance and resources of community development financial institutions. The CUE system works both as a turnkey referral program for banks and as a qualified lead generator for community lenders that offer products and services that might be a better fit for the business owner.  To get your organization involved in Project CUE, sign up at

Learn more about Project CUE through our blogs and webinars posted here.