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Underserved Entrepreneur Index

This infographic sums up microbusiness numbers across the country by region and introduces metrics that prove the importance of microbusinesses to our economy.

Microbusiness Statistics

AEO has developed a variety of research tools which demonstrate the impact of microbusiness in local U.S. economies. The AEO Microbusiness Statistics are divided into two main categories:

  • Microbusiness Statistics (MEBS)
  • Microbusiness Employment Statistics (MEES)

(For ease of use, we have retained the acronyms MEBS and MEES)

MEBS/MEES Summary Sheet and FAQ

Microbusiness Statistics (MEBS)

AEO’s Microbusiness Statistics (MEBS) calculates the percentage of all BUSINESSES that are microbusinesses and provides the field with powerful data that clearly illustrates the prominence of microbusinesses in U.S. communities. MEBS show a breakdown of :

  1. total number of microbusinesses;
  2. total number of businesses with employees; and
  3. microbusinesses as a percentage of all businesses.

MEBS Spreadsheets

If you need specific data for your state, please contact us.

Microbusiness Employment Statistics (MEES)

AEO's Microbusiness Employment Statistics calculates the percent of EMPLOYMENT that is attributed to microbusinesses (businesses with five or less employees). 

This information provides the industry with accurate, reliable statistics on the economic prevalence of microbusiness in terms of employers and employees through a county-by-county breakdown of three indicators vital to understanding the impact of microbusinesses on the U.S. economy:

  1. total number of microbusinesses;
  2. total microbusiness employment; and
  3. microbusiness as a percentage of total employment.

MEES also includes a rural/urban classification of each county and derives a breakdown of rural/urban microbusiness employment.

If you need specific data for your state, please contact us.