Re-Imagine Technical Assistance

Reimagining Technical Assistance: Shifting the Report Landscape for Main Street

Microbusinesses grow and hire when they get the right mix of capital and support. AEO research found a 30% difference in average annual revenue growth for a sample of businesses that got funding and support compared to their peers that did not. 

Yet today there is no system to support Main Street businesses, especially those in low-wealth communities. Providing business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs the right mix of resources and support systems could increase employment by microbusinesses in low-wealth communities by well-over 10 percent, according to our recent analysis. 

With generous support from Capital One, AEO sought to understand opportunities to improve the support landscape for microbusinesses in low-wealth communities so that they can grow and hire. We released our findings in a May 2016 report, Re-Imagine Technical Assistance: Shifting the Support Landscape for Main Street.

Now, AEO is taking the lead on assembling cohorts of participants, mobilizing resources and establishing infrastructure to support these organizations as they test new ways of serving small business clients. The first two pilots in our Reimagining Technical Assistance Initiative are live: 

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