State-by-state guide of microbusiness facts and figures

Engage and Empower: AEO's Advocacy Toolkit for Microbusiness Development


Meeting with your Legislator Guide

Looking for the right way to communicate with legislators? AEO has prepared a tip sheet to help you schedule and prepare for meetings with your Senators and Representative.

Download “Meeting with your Legislators” guide to Hill visits.


CFED Assets & Opportunity Scorecard - State Microenterprise Support Resource Guide

CFED looks at the strength of each state's microenterprise policy based on the following criteria:

  • Does the state fund microenterprise development or codify its support for microenterprise in law?
  • Does the state use federal block grant funding to support microenterprise development, entrepreneurship training or self-employment?
  • Has the state implemented a Self-Employment Assistance program?
  • Does the state provide funding to its State Microenterprise Association?

Download the CFED State Microenterprise Support Resource Guide.


Help for the uninsured

Do you have health insurance? If you are a business owner, do you provide your employees with health insurance? If you or somene you don't know doesn't have prescription coverage. click here for programs that can help.