Green is also the Color of Money: Sizing and Assessing the “Green” Opportunity for Small and Micro Business Owners

In spite of growing interest in sustainability among consumers and large corporations in the United States, the economic case for action by the smallest of businesses is not well-understood. As a consequence, these businesses are unlikely to capture available opportunities for cost savings, performance improvement and/or growth. As an organization that works hard  every day to help business owners in your community succeed, you know the value of well-designed and resourced programs targeted to sizable opportunities with demonstrated demand. You also know the importance of robust market data to inform program design and make the case for investment of scarce resources.

AEO, Green America, and EcoVentures International (EVI), with support from eBay and the UPS Foundation, completed a national survey of business owners and produced a groundbreaking report. The purpose of the survey is to identify and quantify “green” opportunities for the smallest of businesses and to identify barriers to action.

Results from the survey will be invaluable to refine existing programs and to uncover demand for new financing mechanisms, programs and tools to help the smallest of businesses fully capture their green opportunity.

The results are published in the report "The Big Green Opportunity for Small Business in the U.S."