Product, Capital and Risk Solutions for Mission-Focused Lending to Main Street

DreamFund is an innovative industry utility launched by AEO to increase responsible small business lending in low-wealth communities.  DreamFund addresses the gap between demand for and supply of capital in underserved communities by creating value for Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) and investors alike. Specifically:

  • Community impact: DreamFund enables lending to creditworthy small businesses in low income communities. Absent DreamFund, these borrowers would typically be unable to access capital. 
  • Industry transformation: The DreamFund model represents a critical step change, enabling product innovation, operating efficiencies, and balance sheet efficiencies that are essential if CDFIs are to become financially sustainable and achieve meaningful scale.
  • Transparency and risk minimization: DreamFund was structured by Kirkland & Ellis (working pro bono) to efficiently channel capital into qualifying loans, without exposing funders to other risks.

Are you a CDFI interested in learning more about how DreamFund can help expand your impact through more “Yes!” to small businesses, balance sheet relief and risk management solutions? Contact us!

Are you an investor looking for high-impact opportunities to lend to small businesses in low-wealth communities? Contact us!