AEO is a national membership organization and voice of microbusiness development in the United States. For more than two decades, AEO and its hundreds of member organizations have helped more than two million entrepreneurs support themselves and their families and contribute to their communities through business ownership. AEO's mission is to create economic opportunity for underserved entrepreneurs. AEO supports the development of strong and effective US microbusiness initiatives to assist underserved entrepreneurs in starting, stabilizing, and expanding businesses.

Access & Reach

AEO represents the public policy interests of its members and, through its growing network of partners, facilitates interactions among small entrepreneurs and the organizations that seek to help them succeed. No other organization reaches as broad and diverse an audience in every corner of the country. AEO has long-standing relationships with a range of companies, agencies and organizations that share our interests in supporting small entrepreneurs including Citibank, UPS, Hewlett Packard and the U.S. Small Business Administration.  


For nearly two decades, AEO and its member organizations have provided training and financing to enable more than two million entrepreneurs to contribute to economic growth as they support themselves, their families and their communities. In addition, AEO has influenced the scope and size of federal funds to support small enterprises.  As an AEO Small Business Champion, your company can amplify AEO’s impact on historically underserved entrepreneurs, demonstrate a strong commitment to small businesses and engage with a growing network of peers and potential partners.  


There’s no better way to strengthen your firm’s relationship with Main Street than by supporting AEO’s programs and services. With a membership base that includes hundreds of providers of financial services and training to small business leaders across the country, partnering with AEO offers an opportunity for your company to demonstrate its support for small businesses and to reach thousands of small entrepreneurs efficiently.   
Partnering with AEO can create value for your company and its philanthropic endeavors:

  • Access the “AEO 500” and the organizations that support them: Working with our member organizations, AEO is developing an annual ranked list of small enterprises. As a corporate partner, you will be able to use this list along with AEO’s offline and online member network to identify and incubate innovative new business /product development opportunities. AEO can help your company meet the needs of small entrepreneurs by matching your company with local partners and supporting the design and execution of pilot programs.  

  • Engage in peer company dialogues: Exchange insights into industry best practices, opportunities and challenges at regular meetings and via AEO’s website, newsletters and messaging. As an AEO partner, you will also have exclusive access to policy briefings for corporate partners by senior members of AEO’s Policy and Advocacy team.  

  • Take a seat at the table: By joining AEO, your company will ensure its voice is heard in an on-going constructive dialogue among the broad range of voices that seek to speak on behalf of small business and financial inclusion in the United States. Contribute to shaping AEO’s agenda of outreach, special initiatives and research. You will also have opportunities for private meetings with AEO’s leadership team and senior policy staff.  


Partnering with AEO offers your company an opportunity to raise its profile in the small business community and contribute to the success of underserved entrepreneurs and innovative programs to support them. In addition to the benefits outlined above, AEO can work with you to tailor initiatives and customize benefits. AEO offers a wide range of partnership opportunities that are appropriate for a range of companies.



















    At AEO, we recognize that many organizations and opportunities compete for your company’s scarce attention and resources. We look forward to working with you to tailor a partnership with AEO to meet your specific needs. If you are interested, please contact Connie Evans, President & CEO or Tammy Halevy, SVP of New Initiatives to discuss how together AEO and your company can accelerate the growth of Main Street.