Introducing our Catalyst Initiative Partners

If one in three microenterprises in the United States hired an additional employee, the US would be at full employment. In order for this possibility to become a reality, the economy must continue to show signs of a rebound so that confidence recovers, demand grows, and companies can bounce back.

Unlocking Main Street’s growth potential will require coordinated actions among individuals, companies, non-profits, foundations and government. No single actor can solve the complex challenges of availability and access.

In order to unlock the power of One in Three, AEO is launching a suite of programs and services together with partner organizations that are equally committed to uncovering opportunities to better reach underserved businesses and business owners.

Catalyst Initiative program partnerships are focused in four primary areas: 

Enabling better decision-making and resource allocation

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Channeling funds to invest in capacity and growth

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Scaling services and products that work and developing new ones

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Rationalizing the policy framework

American Sustainable Business Council        Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies