Bench: Helping small businesses have loan-ready financials!

It’s easy to sign up your small business clients:

  1. Fill out this 2-minute form We’ll notify you when your client has been accepted for 6 months of free bookkeeping through Bench! 
  2. Collect $100 refundable deposit with the attached participation agreement.

Benefits for your client when they sign up for Bench, risk-free:

  1. Unlike Quickbooks, Bench pairs business owners with a team of bookkeepers, so they don’t have to learn it or do it themselves.  
  2. DIY accounting software doesn’t save time or prevent human errors.  On average, Bench saves entrepreneurs 5 hours of bookkeeping every month.
  3. Bench is for entrepreneurs who’d rather focus their time and energy on other important parts of their business.
  4. AEO – and by extension your organization – will cover the cost for the first 6 months! After 6 months free, Bench is a flat monthly fee, versus the costly and unpredictable hourly fees of other bookkeepers.

TILT Forward is able to offer this opportunity through Capital One’s sponsorship.