EconoCon25 2016

Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill
May 18-20, 2016

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AEO hosted two sold-out, much buzzed about events in 2015, and we are now excited to host EconoCon25, our 25th National Conference and Anniversary Celebration!

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WHAT IS EconoCon25?

EconoCon25 is the 2016 signature event for the growing community dedicated to the development and growth of America's smallest businesses. It is where we will ENGAGE with stakeholders from across the microbusiness landscape who, Iike you, are deeply invested in shaping a fair, inclusive future for Main Street. We will collaborate and explore creative breakthroughs and strategies to transform our organizations and communities.

WHY EconoCon25?

It is time to examine the impact of microbusiness through a new lens: We know that microbusiness drives America’s economic and employment health; but how does the economy affect microbusiness? Can we better serve Main Street with re-imagined ways to engage, collaborate and innovate? Can we bring transformation to bear on Main Streets across the country if we are more intentional, and more strategic about inclusion? We can! We are using EconoCon25 to shift the conversation to the future, and inclusion is the currency of the future we want to see.


EconoCon25 gathers active leaders in the small business space who impact America's smallest businesses and underserved entrepreneurs — lenders, nonprofit and for-profit service providers, advocates and policy makers, entrepreneurs, funders and investors — for meaningful conversations about how to innovate faster, partner smarter, and execute better.

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We will be sharing the EconoCon25 agenda soon, so stay tuned! Attendees can expect to learn how to bring transformation to deeply entrenched systems so they can better serve Main Street. They will leave EconoCon25 with practical solutions they can implement in their institutions for deeper impact.

EconoCon25 happens May 18 – May 20, 2016
at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Inclusion is the currency of the future. And we are writing a brighter, more inclusive future for Main Street with fresh ways to engage, collaborate and innovate.

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